Garden Water Fountains

The following guide features information on garden water fountains. Water fountains are becoming increasingly popular in gardens around the country, and are taking on an art form all of their own. Not only do garden fountains provide a pleasant sight and sound effect, they are also easy to install and maintain.

Submersible Pebble Fountain

Submersible Pebble Fountain

Using Hozelock technology this pebble fountain is easy to install and the ideal addition to your patio, entranceway, or anywhere a water feature is needed. Bring your garden corner to life quickly and easily installed. The pebble fountain comes complete with a Hozelock cascade fountain pump and all necessary accessories. Pebbles NOT included.

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There are many reasons why people add a water fountain to their garden. Not only is the sound of running water very relaxing, the fountain also becomes the centrepiece of the garden. There are also fountains available which are designed to attract birds to drink and bathe in the waters.

There are several parts to a fountain, these include: the fountain itself, a submersible pump, and sometimes a basin (depending on the type of fountain). However to simplify this process, it is usually possible to purchase complete sets which include all of these components.

To power the fountain you will require a source of electricity at the site.


Aqueduct Grey Waterwall Fountain-Floor Fountain

Aqueduct Grey Waterwall Fountain-Floor Fountain

This impressive waterwall fountain is a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape. The pumps included are commercially designed to last. Not only will you enhance the look of your home or garden, you will also integrate soothing therapeutic sounds of running water. Made from durable, natural slate stone includes pump and polished river stones. This fountain would make an excellent gift idea and benefits from a 2 year warranty on lights. FREE SHIPPING. Adjustable Water Flow. Color: Grey Slate. Power Source: 120 V, 60 Hz Dimensions: 48"" H x 16"" W

The most common type of pump is the submersible. These are noise-free pumps which are easy to install and are efficient and easy to maintain. Submersible pumps are also inexpensive to install and operate. When using a water fountain pump, ensure ensure water in present, otherwise the pump can burn itself out. Water will also naturally evaporate from the fountain, so the water level needs to be replenished often.

When selecting a water fountain for your garden you should bear in mind the following points. It is important to select a style which will complement your garden plants and surroundings. Depending on the pump being used, it is possible to get your fountain to make a variety of noises, from babbling sounds (similar to a mountain stream), to gurgling (such as the runoff from a thunderstorm), through to splashing noises (like a small stream of water pouring into a pool). If you would like it, it is also possible to get the water to shoot into the air (however bear in mind that while this is dramatic it is susceptible to the wind and is likely to cause spattering outside the fountain).

Because a fountain reticulates the water, anything spilled it in will run through the system. The fountain should be cleaned on a regular basis, to remove obstacles such as leaves, etc.

The location you select for your garden water fountain should be firm and solid, as even a slightly tilted fountain may not be able to function correctly.


Palazzo Pouring Cherub Fountain

Palazzo Pouring Cherub Fountain

This fountain exudes timeless elegance. A work of art for your home. Create a stunningly beautiful and outstanding atmosphere with the Rosalie Fountain. Constructed of handcrafted cast stone, each piece is an art form in itself with lavish sculptural features, opulent coloration and detail. Sure to be unique to your backyard, deck, patio or landscape. Our pumps are commercially designed to last. Cast Stone will last a lifetime. 18 Colors to choose from. FREE SHIPPING. Dimensions: 58"" H x 72"" Diameter Cord Length 12 FT Weight: 1,991 Pounds Warranty 2 Years -the Ultimate Garden Center


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